About Fanatic Burlesque

Fanatic Burlesque has been set up to make fans, a traditional burlesque item, accessible and customisable. 

Stefanie McKnight with the Furie fans and elaborate headdress.

Fanatic fans have been designed and manufactured in Wellington New Zealand using quality acrylic or aluminium. Fans are a pricey investment for performers so getting it right in an online environment is challenging. At Fanatic Burlesque we've endeavoured to minimised this risk by keeping things locally produced and stocking quality byproduct industry feathers. We are also in the process of securing non-feather alternatives.  

In addition to fans, Fanatic Burlesque will be creating 3d printed pastie bases. These pasties will offer you a good fit, be a pleasure to decorate, and most importantly be easy to clean extending their usability. These pasties are firm enough to keep their shape but flexible enough to accommodate for the various bodies.

Fanatic Burlesque is set to expand its product range – we're keen to offer more fan stave, pastie, and lingerie styles. To do this we need to go through prototyping stages to make sure the items are fit-for-purpose, and of course, gorgeous and inclusive. 

If you have ideas for new products or general feedback, please do get in contact with us.

Who are the people behind Fanatic Burlesque?

We are a team of people with specialist skills. At this stage there are two of us working part-time on this business. We also hire three fantastic designers who specialise in various design fields and help us achieve our desired outcomes. 

Fanatic Burlesque is a passion project of Stefanie McKnight aka Persephone Furs. Switching to first person...I really loved burlesque and got into it for the costuming. However, performing isn't my jam, making things is. So this seemed like a natural transition from being a performer into being a producer.